Time Traveller?

On April 23, 2006, in Kiev, Ukraine, a man aged about 30 years, Sergey Ponomarenko, was arrested by the local police because he looked suspicious. To the police, he said he was confused about why he suddenly lived this year. Whereas about two minutes ago he lived in 1958. After checking the identity of the young man, the police noticed something strange. According to his ID, this person who looks young was actually born in 1938. In fact, the ID looks like the national ID card of the disbanded Soviet Union, of which Ukraine is one of the fractions.

ID of Ponomarenko, with date of birth in 1932

Interview in psychiatric clinic

The cops treated him like he was insane. He was arrested and taken to a psychiatric clinic in Kyiv. There, Dr. Pablo Kutrikov investigated Sergei. That consultation of April 23, 2006, was recorded:

The interview of Ponomarenko by Dr. Kutrikov

P. Kutrikov: How about you tell me something about yourself?
S. Ponemarenko: My name is Sergei Paramanenko, I was born in the city of Kyiv on June 16, 1932.
P. Kutrikov: Yes? But I would assure you that you are not older than 30 years.
S. Ponomarenko: I am 25 years old.

The doctor asked Sergei how it was that he appeared in the year 2006 and then Sergei told about how he was trying to take a picture of a UFO and somehow teleported to this place.

P. Kutrikov: But can you remember how you appeared in our time?
S. Ponomarenko: It was daytime and I wanted to go for a walk in the city. I took my camera but when I left my house I saw a strange object that had a bell shape, and it was very strange, and it was flying in a strange way. It is difficult to explain what I was seeing, It might be better to look at the photos from my camera and then maybe we can answer … “

Before he was in Kiev, he confessed that he was with his fiancé, Valentina Curish.

Then, after he took a picture with his fiancé, he saw a UFO. Spontaneously he took a picture of the flying saucer. And without realizing it, the time suddenly sped off for decades until April 2006.

Dr. Kutrikov decided to reveal the photos. But there was a difficulty. The techniques of development for old cameras like that of Sergei were different from those used in the 21st century. So they had to look for an expert in photography, Vadim Poisner, who was surprised when he realised that the type of roll was not being manufactured since the 70s. It was also impossible to explain how that roll could be preserved in such good condition for more than half a century, but Poisner managed to reveal all the images: some were of the city of Kiev of the decade of the 1950s. And there was also a photo of a woman about 25 years old and another image where Sergei Ponomarenko wore the same outfit as dujring the interview with Dr. Kutrikov.
But the photograph that caught the most attention was where the UFO appeared in the form of a bell, as described by Sergei before developing the photographs.

The UFO Sergei Ponomarenko had seen and photographed

The next interview was recorded at 10:39 am on April 25, 2006

P. Kutrikov: Here are the photos revealed … they are from your camera. I am especially interested in this photograph … take a look, please.
S. Ponomarenko: Now you are convinced that I am telling the truth. I so far do not understand what this object is and how something like that happened to me at the same moment when I took the picture and I went down to look at the camera and somehow I showed up in this year.

Ponomarenko disappears

After talking to Dr. Kutrikov, Sergei went to his room in the clinic. The clinic’s security camera captured the moment when he entered the room, but he was never seen leaving. And still somehow Ponomarenko disappeared. The only way out was always watched. The windows in the room had bars. It was impossible to escape.

So now they investigated the case in more detail. The police confirmed that indeed during the era of the Soviet Union this man existed and that he was declared missing in 1960. The police then traced Ponomarenko’s trail by looking for his fiancé. And they found her. The girl in the photo is still alive and as of 2006, she is 74 years old. When the police asked about Ponomarenko, Curish recognized him. She also turned out to have the same photo the police had.

Apparently Ponomarenko had met his fiancé first. Because Curish also had another photo that Ponomarenko gave in 1970. Not only that, Curish even has a photo of Ponomarenko who is in the future, namely in 2050. When compared, the two photos were both taken in Kiev in 2006 and in 2050. There is a visible difference. In the photo taken in 2050, you can see many skyscrapers.

Ponomarenko in Kiev in 2050

Back to the future

After further investigation, it turned out that in the Ukraine archives the file of Ponomarenko’s interview with one of the Ukrainian and Taiwanese TV stations in the 1970s, was stored. It brought news from the future as Sergei explained that in the future almost everyone will have a cell phone. He also briefly explained about microwave technology that did not exist at that time.

Further research of the time traveller’s case

According to the fern-flower.org page, which reviews the truth of the events of Sergey Ponomarenko, the incident was merely artificial. They revealed some of their findings.

For example, the identity card is not in accordance with the original. In comparison, on the original Soviet Union or Komsomol identity card the stamp on the photo is always clearly visible, much more than on Ponomarenko‘s. Next, about the type of camera or the type of film used by Ponomarenko: Vadim the photographer says the type of film known as Svema was discontinued in 1970. However, people could still buy this type of film until 1990. This means that when people searched in 2006, these items were still not that rare.

Finally, what makes the story seem fake, is the photo from 2050 which is considered a photo montage. This can be seen from several buildings in the background that look identical, only to differ in size.

Thus, all evidence of time travel is built on falsehood (possibly made for entertainment),” wrote the page. “And therefore, it cannot be considered as evidence of time travel” the site concludes.

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